This article is part of our series Using Instagram with Shopify: The Ultimate Guide

Adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

Since you’ve begun incorporating your Shopify store products into your Instagram account, why not make life easier for your customers by offering a Shoppable Instagram Feed to help them out? But first, let’s address the question:

What’s a Shoppable Instagram Feed?

A Shoppable Instagram Feed replicates the images and content from your Instagram onto a page that is located in your store. It allows you to tag items in each photo that links back to a specific product page. Once it’s set up, all your customers have to do is visit your Shoppable Instagram Feed, find the original photo that they saw when they were browsing through your Instagram account, and click on it to discover all of the various links to the products they’d like to purchase.

There are a lot of different apps that can help you achieve this on the Shopify App Store - here’s a short list that we think you should check out: