Updated on
January 28, 2018

Managing Customer Opt-Out Requests For Web Push Notifications

Customers may occasionally email you requesting that you unsubscribe them from your store's notifications. 

If your Web Push app does not easily allow unsubscribes, here's an email you can use to reply to customers with instructions on how to unsubscribe:

Hi *Customer Name*,

 We're sorry to see you go! At the moment, the only way we can help you unsubscribe is to give you instructions on how to unsubscribe yourself. This is because push notifications are device specific (rather than tied to an email address), so we are not able to easily identify which user you are in our database. 

To see instructions on how to unsubscribe, visit the link here and follow the instructions for the device and browser which you wish to unsubscribe from. Let us know if you have any trouble and we'll be happy to assist further! 

Regards, *Your Name*