Updated on
December 9, 2017

Content Marketing Tips for Web Push and Facebook Messenger Notifications

Use informative, fun links to external sites alongside your promotional material

  • Engaging Content Boosts Revenue: When you send interesting, brand-related content along with your promotional content, you keep customers engaged for a lot longer. The longer they’re engaged, the more likely they are to purchase from your store in the future! Studies have shown time and again that building a long-term relationship with customers is a much more effective use of resources (7x According to Shopify's Blog) than acquiring new customers.
  • Effective with Minimal Effort: Here's a secret, you don’t even have to make the content yourself! Simply find links to external content that your customers will find interesting, entertaining or informative. Then make a notification and send the content by pasting in the url. For the title and body, try writing a title or message that ties the content to your brand.
  • Easily Accessible Sources for Great Content and Advice: You can send informative/entertaining articles or blog posts or videos related to your brand that gives your brand credibility and engages your customers. Try searching for content on Google News, inside Social Media or Youtube. You can standout with modern content like interactive lists and quizzes, you can find ready-made content or create your own on Playbuzz. View examples of how Country Outfitter used Playbuzz to engage their customers or other advice from Shopify's article on content curation.