Updated on
February 4, 2018

One Big Problem With Sending Abandoned Cart Messages Using Web Push Notifications

We know how important your customers are to you, so we designed our notification scheduling system with them as the centerpiece. We wanted to make sure your customers are never bombarded with too many notifications from you at once. To do that, we set anything involving a series of notifications (i.e. Abandoned Cart), to have notifications be sent based on when the prior notification was received, rather than a pre-set amount of time (aside from the first notification which is based on the trigger event). The benefits of this may be a little unclear at first, so let's go through an example.

How Other Email and Push Notification Products Work

Let's say have you set 3 notifications to be sent if a customer abandons their cart, one after 30 minutes, another after 4 hours, and the last after 12 hours. If Bob is browsing your website at night, say around 10pm, and abandons his cart and shuts down his computer. He then goes to work and doesn't re-open his personal computer until 6 pm the next day. Well Bob will sadly be bombarded with three abandoned cart notifications your stores.

How Our Push Notification Products Work 

With our site, you configure push notifications based on when the last one is received. So if your first notification is configured to send 30 minutes after a customer initially abandons their cart, the second notification will be sent 3.5 hours after the first notification was received, and the last notification will be sent 8 hours after the second notification was received. Now if Bob is browsing your website at night around 10pm, abandoned his cart, and doesn't return until 6pm the next day, he will only receive one notification from your site. The second notification will now be scheduled to send in 3.5 hours. Now when Bob keeps surfing the web until bed, he will receive the second notification from you at 9:30pm, when he has actually settled down from work and is in a purchaser's mindset. Your second notification will also now no longer be apart of a flurry of notifications Bob may have received from other apps as well when he first opened his laptop after work.

Our method significantly reduces the amount of notifications a user may see at once, making each notification in series much more effective.