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We combineĀ our years of industry experience and analysis from millions of notifications sent to share with you our best thoughts, tips and lessons learned on marketing automation using Web Push and Facebook Messenger Notifications

One Big Problem With Sending Abandoned Cart Messages Using Web Push Notifications

Most Web Push Notification products bombard your customers with abandoned cart notifications all at once if a customer has been inactive for a lengthy period of time - see how we designed and scheduled our notification delivery to avoid this problem and be significantly more effective!

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What You NEED to Know About Using Emoji's in Web Push Notifications

Emojis are unsupported on certain devices such as those on Windows 7/8, you should never use emojis in the middle of your message body.

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Managing Customer Opt-Out Requests For Web Push Notifications

Read about how to handle unsubscribe requests for web push notifications and see our easy to use template for how to reply to such requests.

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Content Marketing Tips for Web Push and Facebook Messenger Notifications

Use informative, fun links to external sites alongside your promotional material to build your brand and keep your customers more engaged.

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