Web Push Notifications and Facebook Messenger Marketing Overview

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are a recently invented technology (2015) that creates an entirely new and powerful marketing channel for your Shopify business.

Web push notifications are clickable messages that are sent by a website (you) to their subscribers (your customers).

Customers opt into push notifications without having to enter any email or contact info, which significantly increases the likelihood they sign up when compared to e-mail sign-ups. Customers receive web push notifications on their desktop or smartphones even if your website is not open.

You can use web push notifications to increase customer engagement and retention and to boost conversions and sales. They can be used alone or in addition to your current e-mail marketing.

Reasons Push Notifications Outperform Emails:

1. Grow Your Subscriber Base Faster Customers are 3-4x more likely to opt in for notifications than emails, meaning you can grow your customer base much faster and more easily than you can using e-mail list sign-ups.

2. More Effectively Engage With Users Push notifications appear in a prominent place on your subscribers' devices, making them stand out more than emails.

3. Give a Bigger Boost To Your Bottom Line Not only are people more likely to opt into web push notifications, but research shows that open rates for notifications are 50% higher than email and click-through rates are up to 100% higher.

Gaining Subscribers

Web push notifications are handled by the browser, so your customers must accept the browser's permission prompt (example below) to become a subscriber.

Customers must agree to receive Web Push Notifications through the default browser prompt, but the default browser prompt has two major disadvantages:

1) It's Not Customizable

You aren't able to offer your customers a compelling reason to subscribe such as a discount or an enticing description of what notifications they would receive.

2) It's Unforgiving

If a customer declines the browser's prompt, that customer will not be able to see the browser's prompt again without jumping through several hoops.

To overcome these disadvantages, we let you set up customizable pre-prompts, which are shown before the browser's prompt (example below). If a customer declines the pre-prompt, you can easily prompt the customer again later to gain the customer as a subscriber. Pre-prompts help you gain more subscribers and provide a better experience for your customer.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Introduction To Facebook Messenger Notifications

Roughly 50% of traffic to e-commerce stores can’t receive Web Push Notifications. All mobile browsers within Facebook and Instagram mobile apps and Apple devices cannot receive Web Push Notifications. Almost all of your customers (2 billion people) in the world use Facebook Messenger, and we want you to be able to reach all of them through us! That’s why we've launched a new messaging channel, Facebook Messenger, for subscribers to opt in and receive notifications when web push notifications aren’t available.

This feature is still in new, so we appreciate your patience as we put together all the documentation around this new channel. We've put together an initial basic overview to give you a high-level understanding of how everything works. If you have any additional questions not covered here, feel free to shoot us a message using the button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Opt-In Prompts

The Facebook Messenger opt-in prompt will initially only be shown for customers who can’t receive web push notifications. We will still be prioritizing opt-ins for Web Push whenever possible because Facebook is currently more restrictive in the frequency and types of content you can send. We’ll make it easy for you to make the most of Facebook Messenger, remain within their guidelines and provide the best experience for your customers.

When Web Push Notifications are unavailable, your customer will instead be able to subscribe via Facebook messenger and will be presented with a modified prompt that has an official Facebook plugin checkbox appended to the bottom like in the example below.

Facebook Messenger Notification

Notifications will be automatically re-formatted into a Facebook message template like in the example below. You do not need to make any changes to your abandoned cart notifications or manual notifications sent for it to appear properly in Facebook.

Web Push Notification
Facebook Notification